Arne Fockler - Background

Arne Fockler
Arne Fockler
A native of Colton, SD, Arne Fockler graduated from Dakota State University (Madison South Dakota) in 1967 with a bachelor's degree in mathematics. He earned a master's degree in mathematics from the University of South Dakota in August of 1968. Upon graduation, Arne became Systems Programmer for the IBM Development Laboratory in Rochester, MN.

In 1970, Mr. Fockler took a leave of absence from IBM to serve with the US Navy. His tour of Duty was with the “Chief of Naval Operations” in the Pentagon in Washington DC. His assignment was to work on developing and maintaining the software that built Ship Manning Documents (SMDs). These documents laid out the staffing needs for ships in the US Navy -- How many people would be needed (and what different types of people) to “man” the ship during the four different “conditions of readiness” for War. The USS Nimitz - aircraft carrier (“floating city”) - was a primary project during this early SMD work. Fockler was awarded the US Navy Commendation medal by the Chief of Naval Operations in 1973 for this software development work.

In 1973, Arne returned to IBM as a systems programmer. He designed/coded/tested system software for small commercial systems (System/3, System/32, System/34 and System/38). He was a technical manager of systems software development, initially as a first line manager and then as a middle manager in the systems Development Laboratory in Rochester, MN. for about 20 years. From 1994 until his retirement from IBM in 1999, he joined Leadership Development out of the Atlanta GA IBM site and taught IBM managers across the United States. He retired from IBM (after 31 years) in June of 1999.

Mr. Fockler currently operates Fockler Consulting which has provided technology planning, website development, problem trouble-shooting, backup and recovery of PCs and basic support largely for nonprofit organizations in Southeastern Minnesota. A significant portion of this work has been free or at cost. Fockler Consulting attempts to utilize people with disabilities. There are many very talented people that are unable to keep regular 9-5 jobs for different reasons.

Arne and his wife, Kay, have been active with Arc Southeastern Minnesota - - an agency that advocates for people with developmental disabilities, for over thirty years. Arc is THE agency that has made independence and inclusion possible for people with disabilities. Arne and Kay have served on (and continue to serve on) the board of directors for many community based organizations that work with disadvantaged people - Ability Building Center, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Community Food Response, Omnia Services (rehabilitation of people that have made legal mistakes in their lives). They have been recognized with numerous awards for their community work.